New Tracking Comp - Would Love Your Feedback!

Hi all :D I’m thinking about starting up a new Renoise tracking competition and I’d love to know what you would like to see in that kind of competition. Here’s my ideas so far, please let me know what you think and if you have any additional ideas:

  • Renoise only

  • Sample pack provided (+ native effects only)

  • Theme-based (eg - ‘ocean’)

  • Compulsory peer voting on all entries (via an automated form where you can rank composition, sound quality, etc)

  • Space for everyone on a profile page so that if you really like a particular track you can easily find more music by that person.

  • Promotion on home page for the 3 tracks with the most votes, plus possibly some kind of “contributor’s award” to reward people who take the time to give useful feedback.

  • Time frame would be 5 weeks to track, one week to vote.

My only major concern at this stage is having heaps of entries that everyone will have to vote on because it can be so time consuming. I was toying with the idea of having some kind of “vote pack” which is a selection of the best, say, 15 tracks which have been entered - and they then become the official tracks people need to vote on. But then of course some people will be left out and get cranky about it. So the only other thing I could think of was having two sets of peer-voting:

First set to determine which 15 tracks make it into the “vote pack” (if it’s done by peer-voting, rather than one or two judges, I’m hoping it will be easier for those left out?)

Second set to vote on those 15 tracks for the winners and provide useful feedback (I’m thinking people will be much more likely to give good feedback when they only have to deal with 15 tracks?)

Or is the whole vote pack idea a bad one? Do you know of any other ways to keep either entries down or quality up so that we’re not all spending half a day voting on tracks?

Anyway, lots of ideas there, I’d love to know what you think! If you have any other ideas too please post them here :)

Sounds like beatbattle V ;)
I personally would need more voting time. I rarely get enough time to sit down at my machine at home and do music stuff (ugh, gotta reprioritise). I haven’t even finished voting for beatbattle IV :ph34r:

I agree with more time needed for voting. I work shifts so once a months I have to do a whole week of nights in a row. That’s 7 nights of 12 hours each. You can’t expect me to do anything if it happens to fall in that.

Pretty busy a lot of the rest of the time as well, but can usually get a few moment. Last coupld of days are the first chance I’ve had to open renoise in a long time and it feels like I’ve forgotten how to do everything again already :(

I wish. It’s a bit more of a complicated shift pattern than that. Am meant to get a whole week free after ech stints of nights, but been having to fill in a lot for absenses and stuff recently…

The problem with picking just 3 or whatever of your favorite tracks is that it’s going to end up a lot more subjective than objective this way, with styles that are more the thing people on here like more likely to get through than something very well written but of a different style.

I would like to prefer a more specialized competition - theme based >ocean = max. boring!!!

what’s about this rules (only a crazy example):

there must be a self sampled -

  1. coffee maker sound
  2. pots and pans noise
  3. a belch sound at the end of the song

all to the theme “the hottest night in your life”

LOL or whatever

simply a competition like no other … ;o)

Hmmz what also would be nice is to generate a sample-pack on the fly using a database of samples.
All divided into categories:percussion, bass, lead, vocal, sfx, pad, chord.
From each category five or six samples are randomly picked from the database and gzipped by a script.
In this way you will have a chance that there will be more diversity in songs and used samples and you won’t hear the same slammin door sfx over and over again in 50% of all the songs.

Something I’ve thought about for a while is a Renoise chip compo. Sample pack with , sine, triangle, square, saw, some noise and a few kicks. With all the effects, my guess is that the songs would probably not sound anything like chip tunes in the end. :)

Some cool ideas there, thanks very much for the replies :D

I think 5 weeks is WAY too much. One week of voting is good though.

GroovyCompo/TheTrackering compos used to be bi-weekly. One week for voting, one week for tracking. That was plenty of time. You don’t get as many entries, but you don’t get as many tracks to vote on either. This format was successful, from a tracking point of view and from organisational point of view.

You’d have tracking week, and voting week. One or the other. If you didn’t have time to track, no problemo. Wait 2 weeks, and go in the next one. It was very easy to run.

A good tracking competition should be more about the music rather than the admistration, and a week to get things together is plenty. Don’t worry about ratings - just assemble your top 5 in order (compulsary, and not including your own), and write a small comment for each tune if you want to. A good web based script should make it all easy.

The more complicated the voting system, the more potentially accurate the results, but since when has subjectivity been accurate anyway? An entry consistently in everybody’s top 3 is going to be the best entry no matter the scoring system.

Complicated is bad, simple is good. We need to create a system where we can share the workload as much as we can.

I could write a PHP script to deal with the submission and voting.

Hey Mick :) Yeah I always really enjoyed Groovycompo. I don’t think I could track anything vaguely decent in one week but how about 9 days instead falling over two weekends - it’s only an extra 2 days but a crapload more tracking time, eg:

Tracking opens on a Friday morning and finishes at midnight on the following Sunday. Everyone then has until the next Friday (5 days) to vote.

I really like your idea, simple is better, I’ve been trying to work on a database to automate voting and accept entries and I can see it’s going to be a big big headache ;) If you are happy to write the PHP script I can adapt a website I built a few months ago for this kind of thing, that would rock!

Also what about the sample pack, who would take care of assembling that each comp, or would everyone take it in turns?