New Tracks

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the studio lately and I started uploading some of my new songs to:

All songs are 100% Renoise. I even record the vocals directly and do all of my mastering in Renoise now. I can’t believe how powerful Renoise has become-- I love working in a program where I can do all of my editing in one place and just hit ‘render’ to get a finished product that’s ready to be played.

I have a lot more tracks finished and I’m slowly uploading them, so check back if you like these. And, of course, please let me know what you think of them.

Actually the two latter tracks are just fine for my ears, also that phat bass from track1 sounds cool, too shame the bassline goes on and on and on without changing much

nice halfway house. i like halfway

Haha, I totally like this stuff.

Halfway House, WTF? :D


lol johann Ö.ö

Wow! I like it very much!

i like it, too. sounds very warm at all :) never heard “halfway house”, whatever that means :o

whats up atomly?! cool to see you on here. dig the new tracks. still have some of your tunes from a cd-r you gave me at that mke stunt rock gig on my ipod these days.

full on agree with you on how powerful of a tool renoise has (consistently) become. i couldn’t be happier! such a nice surprise to come on yest and see 2.5 went gold.
Hey I just did something similar, wrote a bunch of tracks using really nothing but renoise, posted them a few days ago on this forum.

Cheers from Oakland Ca

thanks, guys! i have a lot more tracks-- i’ll try to keep uploading them (just posted a new one, “eve”).