New Trance From Me+1

Well well, the day had to come…

The Khin vs Paladin - And the Winner Is… (Original Mix)
or, a direct link to the mp3 for the lazy. :P

Paladin is also known as Arctic Breeze, this tune was started when drunk… hehe. I dig it!!


No, really, I have a reason!! :rolleyes:

Based on some constructive ideas I went and remastered the tune, sounds both crisper and better balanced now.

Go get it!

Oh, and some comments this time? Please?

Hi Sagosen, This is not generally the style of house music that I listen to but I can say that it has a nice structure i.e. different beats at intro and progressing throughout, breakdown and build up again to full 4 kick house beat.

The thing that comes to mind immediately for me though is with the opening break it feels a bit rigid, this maybe what you were going for but I feel a bit more swing would be good here.

Also I would have personally liked a bit of more filtering going on, not necessarily huge sweeps but maybe a bit of extra LFO synced, to give some of the backing sounds more movement.

Overall though, nice balance of sounds in the mix (missed the first mix version but certainly sounds fine to me now. :) ).

Keep it up!

I hear nice ideas in this track but it´s not really great though. The synthes I hear in this song sounding so standard that they don´t catch my interest to be honest. Also, the overall sound is a bit too thin. That doesn´t mean that the most instruments are not warm enough but I think the issue lies in the whole combination. Maybe some more reverb here and there and some additional proper EQing + compressing should have done good.
Another thing are the drums: Itself they´re sounding nice and thought through (me likes especially the breakbeat :)) but I miss some drive. Maybe pump them up with an eq and an comp., but then you should take your look on the basssound also, incase you screw up the balance between drums and bass.

I guess that was it. As you see, in the end EQ and Compressor are vital and that´s what lacks in your track the most I think. Though I think also you should develope your synths more.
Other that it´s really a listenable track, with useable arrangement, good breakdowns (I like the bridge at 3:22) and so on.

Another thing though. I think we can´t call that normal trance. It´s definatly some Euro(x) and Mission Impossible inspired :)

BTW. sometime ago while leeching someones ftp off, I catched a very similar rns module :rolleyes:
Maybe I put yours in my remix queue :)

you can easily hear that somebody skilled has been writing this, but i can also hear, he chose the wrong style (c’mon Kristian, it’s 2005 - rave died a few years ago;)) and instrumentation (too flat sounding, especially the drums/percs) to make it a decent listen. the arrangement is solid - no real positive surprises or experiments, but no flaws either.
it always seems to me, that this kind of music is written according to a given scheme which may not be “violated” or abandoned , if you know what i mean.
so overall this is too cheesy for my ears, although it is a solid, well executed track, i’d not wanna listen to it more than once.
if i’d solely had to judge tracking skill, i’d probably say “good job”, but focusing on the tune at hand, i have to say the contrary.
on the other hand tho, i know there are still a lot of supporters for that style, so for these ppl, this should be a good listen.

Thanx for the feedback, guys! :)

I’ve actually eq’ed this as well as I can at the moment (well, guess I could do more, hehe) but it really just shows that I lack the experience and understanding of the mastering process to get the ‘right’ sound… Especially in this genre.

What I think this track needs is a remix with less of a standard build-up, Paladin has one in mind himself when he can get his head around it. If you want to go ahead, Ptrance (or anybody else), you’re more than welcome!

the rns is right here

Oh, and I’d love to see somebody else get their hands on the mastering, as I’m actually satisfied with the sound on this one! You know how it is, listening to the same track over and over and you become deaf to the real issues unless you give it some rest and pick it up again in a few days. Heck, I’ve even been proud of musical pieces of crap until I sent it to somebody who told me how horrible it was, thus leaving the rns alone until the next day, THEN re-listening to it and agreeing to the statement saying: “WHAT was I thinking???” to myself.

Ah well, who haven’t done that… :rolleyes:

Oh and Keith, I really gotta say that I don’t agree with your rave post-mortem here! Genres never die, they will always live on withing people who refuse to let go of the past. :P
But you’ve definitly got a point in that there’s a given scheme for this style that needs to be abandoned for it to REALLY be worth a re-listen for other than nostalgic/love of the genre/dig that melody reasons. For me it’s the latter, and to quote Sewen:

Ah well. You know what weird styles I normally post here, hehe… More weird ambient shit will come! :walkman:

I´m just finished listening to it right now, and I don’t think the mastering is that bad, maybe lacks a bit bass but other than that I think the instruments are well mixed. I´m not a pro so that is just my 2cents…

Other than that I agree that the bass could use some filtering and one of the lead instruments could be fatter but I thought it was quite good and well produced!

Good job…

i love the breakbeat section near the end, the bassline there rocks my socks off :walkman: