New troubles with m-audio oxygen 49

Hi friends,after years of having renoise 2.8 and the midi keyboard m audio oxygen 49 as a stable setup,i’m having strange issues:the keyboard doesn’t play chords no more.It only plays single notes,even with polyphonic instruments i can’t hear more than one note at a time.

I really don’t understand why,with ableton live everything is fine,i hate this cheap midi keyboard and will replace it asap,but this can be a problem related to renoise itself…please help me thanks :slight_smile:

ok i tried to play some notes with the computer keyboard and i got the same issues,so it’s definitely a problem inside renoise…

It sounds like you’ve accidentally disabled Chord Mode, so your input is now monophonic rather than polyphonic.

Look in the tool bar just below the pattern editor, and toggle the button with some piano keys on it.

The default shortcut is [Ctrl] + [`] so you can simply try that as well.

Thanks,perfectly fixed…just a stupid error but i never paid attention to that chord mode button :slight_smile: