[New Tune] Bounty Hunter

It is still a work in progress but I’m just enjoying battering my new Alesis M1 MKII’s!! Mixing in headphones is way too hit and miss.

All comments and feedback appreciated :)

This is only my 2nd Renoise track.

It’s got about 5 hours spent on it in total, about 2 hours of that is sifting through crappy scifi samples.
Is there an online resource where I can download packs of movie samples? I like using movie snippets in my tracks to get a feel in to a track, but I’m struggling to put together samples that fit together as I no longer have time to sample my movies!


Really liked it, that movie sample got a little repetitive but awesome besides that. Coulda been longer, too.

Yeah that seems to be the general opinion. The samples used are overdone a bit.
I’ve fixed that and tweaked the break eq a touch to make it have more bottom end.
Still a work in progress and I’ve got a few things I still want to do to the track.
I’ll post the finished article when it is completed.

thanks for listening :)