New Tune! First Post!

New track, not fully mastered, as most of the stuff on there isnt, enjoy

my browser says that the page from the link to aphid308’s song contains malware.

anyone else also experiencing this?

…same here!

malware & trojan horse

thanks for sharing :w00t:


lol @ google “chrome” :rolleyes:

remember there is also a “trojan horse” alert from the antivirus program!

maybe you should do a scan to be sure ;)


while we are at it, lol @ all of the above posts

lol :D

In some cases legit domains are hosted by a server that hosts another domain that feeds malware, the monitoring tool that keeps this malware database up to date does not account for those situations, they only register the host ip address.
This server only has one ip-domain and uses virtual domains to host this domain.

Aphid can just download some HTML code and embed it on his front-page or add a html site in his root web folder so that Google can rescan the site.
It might work, but as long as the hosting company does not suspend the actual domain that spreads the malware, the problem will keep coming back.…

Probably some malware in comments or whatever.

If your browser complains about malware when visiting a direct link to a freakin’ MP3, it’s time to turn the warnings off and never look back…

(yes, there was a buffer overflow issue with (some? all?) players a few years ago… but I’ve never heard of that being successfully exploited to any meaningful extent…)

currently listening to the tune.
it’s pretty wacky so far, especially due to the moaning vocals. the sine chords are partially hitting a frequency which resonates in my ears in a very uncomfortable way - had to turn down the volume by some notches in order to bear it.
other than that, i cannot comment much more since it’s musically absolutely not my pot of caramel cognac.

not sure whats up with the site warnings but its clean and it was due to comments i believe, which are now disabled forecver, that frequency it hits is annoying, any tips on how to rectify that?

i’d apply some slight pitch modulation / vibrato or tremolo to make it a bit more vivid and natural sounding. this would also tame the feeling of unpleasant resonance at higher levels. the downside could be, that it will sound a bit warmer, too… so if a cold sound is what you were after we’d have a intention-conflict. however trying goes always before studying :)

awesome i really appreciate the input, i understand when what i do isnt necessarily someones cup of anything but its cool to get feedback in any case, and i have some issues sonically with this track myself which is half of why i put it up, i figured i owuld get good constructive criticism here and was proven right… as for my site being malware infected, it is definately not but my hosting company is apparently having issues with other sites, ill use a different server for song hosting from here on out… thx!