New tune.........

Find it at

wow. that’s a pretty good track. it think though it would be alot better with a edit (i think it’s called) with a nice ambient sound going with some of those nice vocals. just get some tight production on that song and clean it up and i think you could get something done with it. excellent track.

That was my reply, I forgot to log in though!!! (Doh!!)

Hang on you havent got a tune, I swear you did (going mad)…

you can always try this new label,

they just started out and are looking for artists.

i do have a couple of songs but they are really bad. i seem to have a hard time putting what’s in my head down into the tracker. i’m getting used to it so hopefully i can make something decent soon.

Ok, had a bit of a wicked day. I finished the final edit and have today spoken to Andy Bailey at IMG and James Orfeur at Aura and they seem quite interested in this tune. I’ll keep y’all posted about what happens!!! :D

Cheers m8…I will catch a listen of your tunes but at the moment I’m stuck at work till Thursday!!!