New Tuneage


for those interested, grab “fake” from songs section and tell me what you think. things i allready know because they are done on purpose:

a. its repetetive
b. yes, its cheesy

tell me something i dont know :)

have a good weekend boys/girls!


I’ve been listening to this a couple of times now. It’s very catchy! :)
Exelent female moanings… :D

heya m8!

hehe, yes…they make you horny don’t they? :)
glad you liked the tune.

inspired by swedish band abba hehehe


hehehe nice :) i like this one, not bad.

it lacks some vocoder voice, but i know it’s hard, i’m trying to make one with vocoder voice but can’t :). a computer and a crappy mic doesn’t cut it.

what did you used ? vsti ? samples ?, i like the bass line and the synth chord :).