New/Updated User Online Manuals For Renoise 2.5

There you will also find new Quickstart PDFs and a Beginners Video Tutorial, updated for Renoise 2.5. User manual PDFs for printing an offline reading will be available with the Renoise 2.5 final release.

The manual is updated while you are reading it (proof read, slightly restructured and finetuned) but all main content already is there.
If you have any questions, ideas on how to make this better, whats missing, whatever else related, let us know here please.

NICE! Tutorial’s FINALLY UP and looking better then ever!

…::niNja pWn3d::…

Couldn’t find a link on the wiki to report typos and stuff so I hope it’s ok if I do it here.

The second sentence on the tutorials homepage needs a want instead of a what:

“Like an encyclopedia, this manual describes every nitbit in Renoise. For beginners or those who what to guide themselves through Renoise”

I also wonder if the ‘nitbit’ in the first sentence shouldn’t be a ‘tidbit’.
English isn’t my first language so I may be wrong, but as none of my dictionaries seem to know what a nitbit is, I thought I’d mention it too.

Den - you’re half right. ‘Tidbit’ is a recent and bizarre Americanisation of ‘titbit’ which is presumably designed to protect children from the perverse and explicit word ‘tit’ in everyday life. Douglas Harper’s Online Etymology Dictionary makes some fatuous and apocryphal assertions as to its origin, but this is just more of the ethnic cleansing of the English language that we’ve become used to.

Ho hum…

thanks to everyone involved into the massive manual update!

my infamous RTFM signature image can now come back :rolleyes:

Yes, I read about tidbit and titbit and decided to suggest tidbit as it seemed less “british only” than titbit (and has a softer articulation)

But I wasn’t really arguing about which one should be chosen as a replacement for Nitbit, I’ll be happy with either :P

Changed this to:
“”"… this manual describes every little detail in Renoise …"""

Thanks for the help guys. The manual pages are not yet completely proofread - we are not yet done with this. Also I won’t do the proofreading, so don’t worry ;)

We’re right now more interested in content checks and fixes for misleading, wrong information and so on. If you can find such fishy content or have ideas on how to describe things better, then it would be great if you could let us know about this here.

wow, awesome little titbit of info right there! (unless you’re taking the piss ofc!) (((=


To choose whether to control the pre or post levels, watch out for the Pre/Post icons on the top right of the mixer as shown in the image above.

There is no image above.

It should be a reworked version of this one:

(not shown either, but the image name posted as a reminder)

why is the manual under “tutorials.renoise” tho? :>

much appreciated btw. will motivate me to leaf through the manual once more and check out those parts that i skipped the first time i read it when i was just starting out to learn renoise. and the new features ofc.


That was the choice of the server admin to make this virtual site.
It was a poor choice at the time but loads of sites and searchengines are linking to it now.

In the keyboard shortcuts section “List of Default Shortcuts” the three xml files are the keybindings from version 2.1 not 2.5
For example, the pattern matrix is missing.

Thanks. Updated them now…