New user, missing instruments?

Hi all, i’ve been a reaper and live user for several years and these are my first steps into Renoise.

I quickly went to see the Beginner’s tutorial videos on youtube, made by Renoise, but in part 5 i have to load up an instrument called Mind War, which is supposedly in the Pad folder. On closer look at the video i saw a lot of instruments in his Renoise folder called Acoustic, Hybrid, Vocals etc. But all i have is Bass, Drums, Fx, Keys, Leads, Synth & Tutorial…

Did i miss a download or something? I’m obviously missing quite a few…

I have the full version, OSX.

Cheers and many thanks

The instruments that ship with Renoise are always tweaked a little bit, refined from version to version.

In this case, I think the video was shot using Renoise 3?

Here is the pad you were referring to. You can download the Renoise 3 demo to get the full pack.

7339 Pad - Mind War.xrni

I downloaded the demo and merged all the files into the 3.1.0 folder. Thank you!