New User Nesd Some Help With Interface

im having trouble having the ability to use multiple instruments. if i assign anything to an instrument its sound is not audible. im only using the demo and the included content to learn the interface, its not worth setting up enless i can find my way around.

ive gotten some results from turning up the amp. in the instrument settings but nothing like what the same sample sounds like if i simply opend renoise in a new project and first clicked on the sample not assigning it to anything and simply feed it notes in the sequencer.

is there something im doing wrong? i spent all day yesterday reading and i came up with nothing on this topic. all i found is that renoise does all the complex fetures i want it to do, but the simple ones require a massive learning curve from cubase with flstudio as a vst.

Hi i8abit,

if I got you right, you’re have problems assigning many samples for one instrument.
Did you come across the tutorials for instruments?

Vv gives very good explanations in the tutorials but in short:
First go to instrument settings (button on the lower horizontal menu bar).
You can load more than one sample into one instrument by choosing the sample bank first (called instrument here, in the upper right corner) and then choosing the unit where the desired sample should be loaded into (lower half in the upper right corner). You can assign the samples onto the keyboard by clicking on the sample unit and then clicking on the buttons of the keyboard where the sample should be mapped on.

If your problem is more basic like just loading many samples to have them as instruments in a song, you simply click first the the first sample bank in the upper right corner, then load a sample into it, then click on the sample bank below the first one, load another sample into it and go on like this.

Edit: little correction

im having difficulty loading any sample to any instrument and having that sample make any sound i have not attempted to do much else i just cannot comprehend why i can only hear sound if i have no instrument settings at all. and only notes in the sequencer.

multi-tracking/ multi-sample instruments is way out of the question right now. i ve looked at the tutorial and wiki, i could onyl find essencialy what im doing. load sample to instrument/ assign instrument to track, +note=sound…

Open a demo song, play it, and check the mixer view. What do the volume bars look like? What do the ‘out’ dropdowns say? Maybe you’re outputting stuff to the wrong speakers? Perhaps your audio card has an internal mixer with settings that need tweaking?

There is also a video that demonstrates using samples on the manual:

You can find that “Watch Video” link behind the “Using Samples” link.
Ditto for using VST Instruments.