New version

Within howmany weeks,months can we expect a nem version of renoise???

I’m just curious, because i really like the new features :D :D :D :D , and i would really like to use them.


We will release a 1.27 beta soon (maybe one or two weeks from now).
There wont be many new visible features except the ogg import, new Diskop and some other small stuff, as we started preparing the upcoming big features (skins, pianoroll, arranger, zoomable patterneditor and tickfree player). Also the Mac port has cost us quite much time over the last weeks.
So much has been done under the hood to make the upcoming big features possible without nasty hacks …
Be prepared and a little bit patient now :)


I am patient :D :D

But i’m just curious


and i’m curious too :D ;)

hehe, i think we all are… those who arent must seek professionel help :lol:

Anyway, will skins and pianoroll feature in v1.3 or will it be called v1.5 since it’s a major leap for mankind? and how long will we have to wait for it? :rolleyes:

Curious Garf initiating go to bed mode

Hey, Taktik, uhm, since my pc can’t handle the Renoise 1.261 version, does this mean i’m gonna have the same troubles with the upcoming version? ;)

~Dufey (very worried)

hmm, sounds like you’re a newbie… actually, there was some problems with 0Exx command ages ago, but now it should work ok. 0Exy and 0Dxy use ticks for timing at the moment. it’s pointless to make Y more than current SPEED parameter which is 6 by default. if need delay in retriggering more than 6 tick you can just put a note to next sequecer line.

Why will the pianoroll in version 1.3 not be good enough and do whe have to wait untill version 1.5???


I wonder too :)

any release date plans for 1.27?

Can’t be long


taktik, when?

hmm, someone told me that we can expect a surprise on the 21th… can it be a new release? ;) lets wait and see

naaah… the surprise must involve both registered and unregistered users, because it was announced in the newsletter, and I don’t think that the developers would set a date for a final release without even having released the beta one.

don’t forget that 6/21 is the first summer day… probably they are just announcing us that developing will be stopped until 9/21 :)

Is 1.261 the last free release? ;) :rolleyes:

In wich country? Here in sweden we celebrate the MIDsummer on the 20th of june this year :)

mmmmm I think it-alien is right… :D :D :D :D :D :lol: :lol:



The newsletter says on june 21 there will be a little surprise. I don’t think this will be the new release. Why… because it isn’t a little surprise.

Its a BIG surprise :D :D :D :D :D :D


imho, it depends what version want to get… there are a lot of problems (bugs) to remove atm. june 21th sounds pretty real release date though… if there are no bugs in 1.27 then it will be very nice version…

I imagine that 21th will be the day for first release of Mac renoise version and 1.27 PC version

I think that the 21th will be the day, when they finally tells us that renoise doesnt really exists, and it’s all because off the “wrong” pills we have been eating… ;)

Cheers :blink:
ps: i hope its a new fancy version though, and that i have been eating my vitamins correct…