New Winamp 5.5 Beta

well… yeah, just thought some would like to know… winamp has finally gone fullscreen ^_^ amongst a lot of other nice stuff.

download beta:

make sure you select the new skin after installing (if you do)

winamp is always minimized to tray here, except for the odd time when avs is running. using some 3.x version here which is stable and does the job for me.

to each his own of course :)

seems now it also supports podcasts subscription (something i was really missing) and proper ipod syncing, etc. well at least i can ditch itunes now


I like my GUIs to be small. I’m an XMPlay man :)

edit: looked at the screenshots… someone else likes kahvi too :P

wow. nice. :) thx for the advice almost missed that one.

Haven’t been a Winamp-user in years, XMplay has been my favourite due to low cpu consumption and fast loading times, but for dedicated playback this looks quite exellent. Might even give it a spin. :)