New Year Downtime

What best way of starting a new year than some downtime? :lol:
What’s the real reason behind it? B)

And of course…

greetings to Parsec for writing the first post of 2005 :)

i already thought renoise was history :o

I was getting quite worried myself, hehe.


I can´t add anything except…



oh… wait… Happy new Year everyone :drummer: :rolleyes:

Sorry for the downtime. Due to plain stupidness and some magic the http server went down without asking us first.

Anyway a happy new year to all !

That’s because the application that supposed to ask you pops up a dialogue in X-Windows. But your server doesn’t run X-Windows, so it figured:what the hell, let’s just have a short vacation.
And who blames the server from having a short vacation?

Happy new year everyone! :drummer: :guitar: