New York Nights

Hi folks :) Found this forum, figured I would share with you a song I made a long time ago in FT2. I redid it a bit in Renoise and here it is:

New York Nights

As the title says, imagine sittin’ in a NY cab, slowly driving, lots of rain at midnight, neon billboards, people scurrying along the boulevard… alas you get the idea.

Let me know what you think :)

Its a good atmospheric tune. I can really see how the imagery you descibe can be associated with the sound of it.

Maybe you could be persuaded into “Renoisifying” this tune even more ;) Like using some DSP effects (maybe some sweet reverb on piano and bellstring?), maybe VST instruments and release as .mp3 or .ogg.
Good work indeed.

Did you know that the tripling of the bassdrum on channels 24-26 can be done with just one channel, but is amplified in the “sample settings”.

And a good way to “fatten” up samples easily is to increas the “width” slider that all channels have.

Thanks for the feedback :)

Regarding the multiple tracks, that was the legacy from FT2. I always wanted to retain the best possible sample quality, hence I started out with 32 channels, and duplicated tracks as volume needed it. I understand I can do a lot of this with Renoise without having to duplicate tracks, but didn’t feel like redoing the entire song structure hehe

I might have to play some more with the DSPs and see what I can do to make it sound even more appealing. Maybe even extend the song with more patterns to make it a full song. Back then I loved making loopable songs.

There is a lot of new stuff compared to FT2 in Renoise, so I’ll have a lot to find out :)

It’s a nice tune… really fits into the theme you described.

The sound in itself is a bit dull. I guess that is because you use no effects and only mono samples. Personally I don’t like the “width” slider Mike mentioned. But that’s a matter of taste I guess. I’d rather add some reverb to the piano and bells, but also to the strings on the first tracks.

A simple delay can also do some wonders to add some depth to a track. If you set the left and right delay times to differ some millisecs, it will give more stereo to the track. You could also add EQs, but that’s a whole science in itself :)

Don’t listen to him. Release rns files :)

Good song indeed, keep on working on it.