New Youtube Channel... Trade subscribes?

(TotalChipster) #1

Hey Renoise song makers,

Renoise user since 2005 here. Finally decided to focus on branding my music and get it “out there.” Music is a creative hobby for me, though I did do soundtracks for the iphone game Toy Drift and the digital pinball game Junkyard Cats. My tracks range from 16 bit Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo chiptunes to synthwave, progressive rock, and probably some other form of electronic music that I didn’t realize was a genre. I’m learning to mix more and more these days, but that is honestly probably my biggest weakness at the moment.

Anyway, I’d love to trade youtube subscribers with other Renoise users (or likes, followers, whatever floats your boat). I really enjoying hearing what other people create with the software as I find it inspiring.

Here’s my channel:

Here’s a few tracks to give you the gist of things:

Sega Genesis:

Super Nintendo:

Feel free to post your youtube, facebook, twitter, or soundcloud on this thread so I can follow you.I’d love your support and hope you enjoy some of these tunes :slight_smile:


(James Britt / Neurogami) #2

My channels:


James Britt:

(TotalChipster) #3

My channels:


James Britt:

Thanks, subbed to both!

(The Empty Self) #5

this is my youtube :slight_smile:



this is my channel:
subscribed to all previous comments :slight_smile:

(Neuro... No Neuro) #7

Here’s my channel, full of Renoise and weird animations. Adding your Youtube channels as they come in!

(The Empty Self) #8

your animations are dope !!

how do you make them

(Neuro... No Neuro) #9

Thank you, @Land_of_Bits - I use the animation software “Keyshape” for all vector animation. Mac only, I think, but there might be other apps that do the same thing for PC. Then, I run the animations through Apple Motion ('cuz it’s way cheaper than FCPX) for effects. If there is any voices, it’s created with MaryTTS, because I won’t get sued/charged for using the voices - they’re open source.

(KnownUn) #10

Hello world!

Im here too…

I do a little bit of this and that… Renoise, VCV, Reaktor, Bitwig (Maybe?), Digitakt… and whatever.

(Neuro... No Neuro) #11

This stuff is really neat-o - check it out! Lots of nice modular stuff going on here.

(luisaguirre) #12

It’d be nice to have more than two subscribers. Haha I’ll add all yours:

(Neuro... No Neuro) #13

The mix on Analog Run is just beautiful!

(luisaguirre) #14

Thanks you. Much appreciated.

(Fabrice) #15

I listen nice stuff on this topic! :headphones: :sunglasses:

Hereeee is mine: