Newbie here with a few questions

Been messing around in the Renoise demo for the past couple of weeks and I’m really enjoying (I’m still quite new to music production). I have a few questions and would appreciate if you guys could help me.

  1. Is there an arpeggiator?

  2. Is glide only available though FX command?

  3. Anyone using a 60% keyboard? Any useful keybinds you would recommend?

  4. Does anyone favour the trigger slice command rather than actually slicing samples? Any reason why you prefer to do this, and do you do this with all types of samples (drum loops, vocals, jazzy samples etc.)

1st: Yes. It’s called the Epic Arpeg. Just head for the tools menu.

2nd: I don’t know. But it is surely the best glide you can get.

3rd: I’m using a 100 % keyboard and it didn’t lead me into trouble.

4th: This is a matter of taste.

  1. I use the phrase editor to arpeggiate, also there are tools you can download I’m sure there are arps.

  2. glide command only work with samples in Renoise, ext midi does not respond to pattern commands and you would need your ext synth to have a glide/pattern knob.

  3. I’m steadily inching my way to a 100% keyboard, the only useful bind is ctrl+, whenever you find yourself moving away from the kb, access the shortcuts window, from there either learn the thing you’re looking for or bind it

  4. Do you mean the autoslice feature vs slicing samples manually? It depends

@1 Yep. You can do this as well, but if you`re in a hurry, a tool is the fastest option.

@2 Yeah. Renoise is a tracker, so most things are related to audio. Try #cc 5 if your hard- and software does support it (look at the midi implementation chart).You have to add the midi control option for the desired track.

@3 Alt+F4 is a smart thing to go as well. :wink:

@4 There are tools for advanced slicing. I don’t use this feature a lot, because I’m too lazy for breakbeats.

Welcome to Renoise!

I slice up the samples by hand because I find it easier to adjust the slice points and hear the results right away.

Curious about the use-case for using an fx sample offset command,

I like to load a long-ish sample with good timbral variety, spam SXX commands in the pattern editor on beat subdivisions, then randomize their values to create a pseudo random phrase without actually slicing. it can be a nice creative jumping-off point.

@IsItWashable Is your username an ae “under boac” reference? if so, you have excellent taste! :grin: Welcome to the forum in any case!


Yes it is, Love Autechre :rofl:.

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Autechre fist bump! :facepunch:
They were one of my first favorite electronic artists. Been listening to them since Tri Repetae came out. Ground breakers for sure!

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