Newbie: How to get Renoise Instruments to stop playing a melody which I didn't create

Switched over the Linux a couple of weeks ago and figured I’d make Renoise my new DAW. One quesiton: if i select an Instrument, it gives me an instrument to play BUT it’s playing some riff/phrase that I didn’t create.

How do I stop this? Linux lacks VST’s so I need the Renoise Instruments, just not the preset melodies. :stuck_out_tongue:

You need to disable the phrases

Look here:

Look for “Phrase Controls” and switch from “Program” or “Keymap” to “Off” in the lower right corner

And there are actually lots of VST Plugins available for linux, free as well as commercial

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Ah okay…you go to the Sampler tab, then select Off for the Phrase Controls. Thanks!

Please, feel free to list one or two resources for VST (prefer free for now but list non-free if you can as well). I need one good synthesizer (preferably a wavetable or least an FM synth).

I know how to compile from source code but I do not want dirty up this new install by building from source. It would be ideal to get it through the package manager, sudo apt install

Also, even w/o a VST, the instruments sound pretty good. :+1:

Thanks for your help! I’ve got lots to read/learn for sure. :smiley:

There is a thread here for Linux vsts.

Nice, was unaware of that thread…so, thank you!

I didn’t realize u-he made VST’s for Linux! :clap: If that’s the case, I’m good on VST’s as I only use one or two and Zebra or Hive with Repro is all I need. Awesome…thanks!

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I know that VSTs are THE THING, but I have better experiences when using 100% Renoise, to record the synth as sample and use that. I do the same even with my Hardwaresynths … first I write something and send it via Midi to the Synth, but if like the sound, i record it as dry as possible as sample into Renoise and use the Renoise build in Effects.

And for Linux … ZynAddSubFX/Yoshimi is nice
Helm is nice too
they run pretty stable on any Linux


I was able to finally read the section and I can see how it might be easier/better to focus on sampling…plus, the VST’s I am demo’ing are giving me headaches already. :smiley:

But, I love playing with samplers…I love my Octatrack, it’s quirky but I love it.

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It took me a long time to understand what actually is possible within Renoise.
Have a look at the YT Channel from Hunz, he draws the waveshape for the synths into the Sample section. here a vid where he explains the creationprocess. He also offers his old album (search HUNZ album download) as Renoisefiles here in the forums … I learned so much from them.

I myself have underestimated the tools renoise already has ONBOARD, I mean … IT IS already a Synth …
VCFs =>VCA with Envelopes and AHDSRs, LFOs, Effects, Metamixer as other stuff as controlling sources …
so if you use basic waveforms (or basic, clean simple samples of a synth) you have your VCO

And at last: do not underestimate the tutorials Renoise brings on installation … Sidechaining … Maybe Melodies … to me that was mindblowing

And the best thing … if you use those basic samples and only build in tools, ALL is saved in your renoise-file and you can share it AS IS between different Computers … so no panicing should you go back to Windows or Mac or send it a friend … all will sound as you want it :wink:

EDIT: for the modular fans => the only plugin I use is VCV Rack (runs on Linux too) to create my own VCO soundsbase, which I then “Render to sample” :wink:


I probably should either open a new thread or maybe read the manual a bit more closely but…

I’m at the Phrase Editor part of the Renoise wiki,, and I’m curious. Once I create a phrase (I know how to do that) how do I trigger that phrase over in the Pattern Editor, along with my other tracks?

I assume this is how the Phrase Editor can be used? For example, trigger a short (16 step phrase) or longer phrase (256 steps). Do I assign a track for this or is this all done in the Phrase Editor along with the tracks in the Pattern Editor. I guess I’m trying to figure out how to use the phrases I create with my other tracks in the Pattern Editor.

Or maybe I"m wrong, this is not what the Phrase Editor should do…I might need to open a thread if I can’t find it via the forum search…

Hey yes the renoise sampler can be pretty powerful. I also try to not use vsts, but mainly the sampler engine.

You can do certain kinds of synthesis with it. layering single diverse waves, recorded or single cycle, for example analog oscillator samples, layer detuned waves, do crossfading with modulation sets… And also you can build very nice instruments using the renoise effects and effect modulation capabilities. Like using a lot of filters, distortions, eqs, … atop of a sampler instrument. I use the instrument fx for such designs, to have all modulations encapsulated with the instrument, using macros to control the sounds. Its a bit different than a vst synth, but give it a shot, you can get very nice sounds once you get the hang of it…

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I guess my main (and only) question for the time being is, how to trigger a phrase within the pattern editor. The documentation that I"m looking at doesn’t seem to go into that but again, I’m totally new to this and I’m probably overlooking something obvious.

:re the Phrase Editor wiki During song playback, a phrase is normally only heard once it has been triggered by reaching its position in the pattern

I’ll keep looking in the docs and the forum in the meantime…I’ll make a thread only after I’ve exhausted those resources. Thanks all!

Phrases are triggered in the Pattern Editor by recording a note from an instrument that is using phrases. This topic started with you looking for a way to disable phrases from playing. Have you turned them back on again in your instrument?

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Yes, I’ve turned the phrases back on via the Program button. In the meantime, I’ve also placed one note (C4 on step 1) and it triggered my phrase! So am I on the right track now?

Place a note on the Pattern Editor to trigger the phrase. Then chain phrases via the Phrase Control Grid for longer phrases?

Honestly, this is a little advanced for what I know but I’m starting to see some cool possibilities using the Phrase Editor now.

The control grid is used to select the current phrase. If you want to trigger different phrases as the song is playing, then the easiest way is to use the Keymap mode to assign each phrase to a note (or range of notes) and record those notes in the Pattern Editor.

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Nice, I will definitely look at Keymap mode in the near future. That’s really all I need to know for now. Thanks all!

you can also trigger different phrases with the 0Zxx pattern fx (00 = no phrase, 7F=Keymap)

(Hey you can drag phrases from the little box to the space above the phrase editor’s keyboard!! Is that a new feature? this is awesome)

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