Newbie Latency And Audio Interface Question

Hello, I have two external synths connected to Renoise via a Firewire audio interface I just bought. When audio from the synths and Renoise are routed through the software mixer that came with the audio interface, there’s no audible latency. But when I try to use a Line-In device in Renoise, and set the Line-in device and select MIDI return mode in the latency dropdown, there’s latency. So, I went to audio preferences in Renoise, and tried to reduce latency to as little as possible, and it seems I can’t reduce latency lower than 1 millisecond.

I don’t know enough about all this yet, but I thought that buying a Firewire audio interface would have allowed me to use my external synths in Renoise, apply DSP effects, and have no latency doing all this in real-time. Was I just being naive in assuming this? :unsure:

Thanks in advance for any advice!

What operating system are you using? If it’s Windows, try ASIO4ALL?

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m running Snow Leopard on a Macbook Pro.

Is 1ms even noticeable?


The rule of thumb I’ve heard in the past is that less than 10ms is not audible.

I think it’s probably impossible to have a midi system with less than 1 ms of latency. The round trip that the data takes through the interfaces is just going to take longer than that.

Yes, this latency is indeed a MIDI triggering issue, not audio issue, hence the 1ms won’t circumvent the MIDI triggering problem.