Newbie question: how to parse waveform as text data


I need to representa waveform in sample editor as serial compilation of values for each sample (max # of samples is 1024) in similar fashion:

0 -0.001953125 -0.00390625 -0.005859375 -0.0078125 -0.009765625 -0.01171875 -0.013671875 -0.015625 -0.017578125 -0.01953125 … 0.017578125 0.015625 0.013671875 0.01171875 0.009765625 0.0078125 0.005859375 0.00390625 0.001953125

How can i do this? Where to start? :rolleyes:

Out of curiosity, can you attach to a post the sample/instrument that you want to represent in ASCII text floating point form? :slight_smile:

There is DIY hardware FM-synth, PreenFM2. Since last firmware it supports loading of custom user waveforms from USB in such format. So i thought Renoise’s sample editor with it’s features + LUA is really good for this task.

Oh I see you want to go from a ASCII file to a sample/waveform :slight_smile: (Luckily I can just about do this for you :D)

Ah, you do want to go from sample to ASCII :slight_smile:

Now if you do want to go from a renoise mono sample to a text file (in that format) I’ve knocked together a possible quick hack tool for this. It adds ‘Sample to Text’ to the sample menu :slight_smile:

Thanks! This tool is what i need actually!

Awesome! Gonna look into this tool also for knowledge purposes.