Newbie Question Loading Sample Pack 2 In Program

i know it sounds stupid but how do i put the renoise sampler pack into the program?

Spend a few moments reading the manual:

There’s plenty of information there explaining how to load the various file types, including how to load multiple files at once.

Edit: I just had another thought. Since the sample pack is provided in the form of a ZIP archive, you will of course have to extract the instrument/sample files from within this archive before you can use them. If you are using Windows XP or higher, then you should be able to open the ZIP archive just like any other normal folder, then copy the files from inside into your instruments folder. Alternatively, you can use a third party tool such as 7-zip. If you’re on a Mac, then I’m not sure what the best tool to use there is unfortunately… maybe Stuffit Expander? I’m sure another Mac user can give a better suggestion here.

Stay away from Stuffit. It sucks. :)

If your on a Mac, just double click the ZIP and it will extract the files. Unzip is built-in to the OS.

if you are looking for something more powerful, then use The Unarchiver:

Yeah, I was forced to install it on Windows a while ago to get into an obscure file, and it was a terrible experience overall. I just had to imagine that the Mac version must be better, since it seems to be so prevalent on that OS. I assumed some kind of unzip ability would be built into Mac OS by now, but I wasn’t totally sure.