Newbie verification on Maybe Trigger

I finally decided to buy Renoise and currently going through the manual and video tutorials (lots to learn). Was looking at the Effect Commands and noticed the maybe command and how useful that could be for me. Regardless, I think I understand how to use it but I want to make sure. In the a screenshot, YFF will trigger every time, Y20 will trigger the least. I still need to work on my hexadecimal values but the basic idea is the higher the hexadecimal, the more likely it will trigger, right?! Still lots to learn… :smiley:

Yep, you got it. 0Y90 - 0Y99 is what I use for my sweet spot of MaYbe on/off triggering.

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Thanks! Good to know! Quick question, the zero you have in front of Y90? I’m unable to type in a zero before the Y90. Am I doing something wrong or no? Again, I need to read a lot more and watch videos before asking things but the MaYbe triggering is way too useful to not understand in the beginning. It makes things have a more natural feel. Thanks @Neuro_No_Neuro

Nah, you’re not doing anything wrong. I read the instructions from earlier posts in these forums and am used to seeing the extra zero before the letter. Just know that in the FX column, the letter will be in the second position over like this (with the invisible zero)


It’s really nice to run on a set of sixteenth notes, then add another FX column and use the 0Rxy command. If you put in something like 0R02, you get two really fast triggers, like a very short drum roll. So, combining the two FX of 0Yxy and 0Rxy, you’ll get not only a random hit, but that hit will be a drum roll. Just a nice way to add a little bit of flavoring. From a drumming perspective, if you were to add that to say, the 4th sixteenth note… Oh, that’d sometimes pop out real nice. Almost improv.

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