News About The Mac Version

Hello all,

You may have noticed that progress has been a little slow for the OS X port lately, there is a big amount of bug reports and not many have been fixed.

I want to apologize for this, the time I have been able to spend on Renoise has been very limited lately. Now I’ve got plenty more free time though, and will seriously start taking care of those bugs. My number one priority will be to more or less rewrite the CoreAudio code as it seems to be the most critical part that contains a bunch of ugly bugs.

Please continue to report bugs you find and I’ll try to fix them as fast as possible.

best wishes,

Although I do not use a Mac (yet) you have my (mental) support. I hope when a mac version is released this community will even grow bigger then it is now…

Thankyou Rick :) and hello all mac users again.

I have marked a lot of audio-related macos problems as [fixed] in the bugforum now and would like to clarify the situation a little in order to get good bug report for the next alpha version also.

Basically all alpha versions up to V1.5a5 had hardcoded stereo-only support no matter what the specs of the selected soundcard was, therefor it seems to have worked with all built-in soundcards but all more fancy soundcards failed in one way or another (crash, slow playback, changed pitch of samples, …)

Now I’ve finally fixed the audio code so that it actually understands and uses all available channels, unfortunately I myself only have my builtin soundcard in my laptop so I have no way to test that all of this actually works, but as the builtin soundcard is used using the same code and just happens to have only 2 channels I’m quite optimistic at least.

My request is that you don’t become too upset if it would happen to not work in V1.5a6 even though your bugs have been marked as [fixed], instead report the problems if they still exist when alpha6 is released.

  • Simon


You have my full support aswell, and if you need to test Renoise with USB devices(My u24 for example) on the Mac, just ask.
I live in Gothenburg and Chalmers is not that far away.

Hey that’s cool! We should have a Renoise gettogether in Gbg sometime B)

That would be cool!

Apart from that I’m pretty active in the different Mac communities in sweden.
And our local MUG (Got-a-Mac).

I’m already preparing a small article on Renoise that will be posted on when it hits public beta wich i hope will happen before this year ends ;)

raises hand
I’ll buy the os x version…

…when it comes out once and for all.


Why wait, register now and help us all squash the remaining bugs ;)

I registered the current version just to get the Mac version even though it’s still alpha/beta whatever.
Apart from the known/reported bugs it works pretty well.

Sometimes i do wich the filter envelopes were a bit faster, it’s almost impossible to create tight filtered basssounds with them.

Seems that it doesn’t matter how long/short the envelope is it’s still too slow.
Teoretically it should be possible to do really fast envelopes but that’s not possible or?

Maybe the last part should be a bug report but nah…

Same here. I couldn’t wait, and this gives me the opportunity to bug-test software I’m going to love using, and get it working perfectly with my setup while development is still hot.

It does that, no worries. The only huge issues are to do with multichannel audio devices and a couple of other rare interface problems like glitches changing from fullscreen to windowed mode and so on.

It does that too.

Testing the alpha versions and posting good and detailed bug reports (including crash log, Renoise.log, details on how to reproduce problem) is very helpful. Renoise is today a very large application and it’s simply not possible for us to test all features of it on many different system setups.

The more details I get about problems in the mac version, the easier and faster can I fix them.

Thankyou for your support,


Just wanted to tell you all that the latest alpha is running just fine(for me at least).

The filters are no longer sloppy, not a single crash even after abusing it audio with swapping output between USB and Built-In audio. All GUI bugs i noticed are fixed.

It seems to be a tad slower??(some tunes ‘crack up’)

Now i’d just like to see a ‘higher’ internal sample rate(oversampling) to avoid some aliasing distortion when transposing sounds with hifrequency content.

A simple ‘draw’ thing in the sample editor, and simple sampling to create sounds from scratch without leaving renoise.

That would make it just perfect.

I’ll do the usual ‘go thru every feature i use’ and report strange things.

It’s available to registered users.

Think of it this way, you register now 1) you support the developement with cash 2) you help developement with testing.