News For Those Who Like Pc Games - Crysis 2 Near Final Build Leaked.

p.s. my opinion… i downloaded this leaked build, played a little, and from what ive seen i can tell you, ill go and buy the official DVD release, cuz the game simply rocks.
but…i dont like position of EA/Crytel, who is telling to the left and right that the leak itself wasnt their fault, it was guys, it was. Its wasnt a hacker attack, or a bruteforce attack, nothing of that. You EA/Crytek guys failed this by yourself.

also, the game runs pretty good on 1024x768 rez, on my sony laptop with 5470 AMD gfx card 512megz. stunning gfx engine, superbly optimized i tell you.

p.p.s. update, the leaked build also contains an game editor, dev mode, and A MASTER KEY for a game. holy shhh…

BUY THIS GAME IF YOU LIKE IT. IT IS GOOD ONE. THERE IS NOT SO MUCH GOOD GAMES ON PC THESE DAYS. (i dont count those COD-like railshooter games, they are totally bullshit!).

This is the reason why many games isn’t released on PC anymore… how exactly do you mean it’s their fault??

surf the web

Are you serious?

For a moment I thought that it was a reckless publicity stunt made by EA/Crytek themselves. It’s still a possibility, even if denied by EA.

Garf, can you imagine some another way how almost all productions end up leaked on teh interwebs before or soon after their release dates? Come to think of it that maybe some deluded Crysis fan burst into their office with Maximum Armor, took their external drive with all the data and went out with Maximum Speed. Not likely. It’s done by industry insiders. Mostly.

Anyway, playing such unfinished, crashing beta build pretty much destroys any pleasant surprise I’d expect from the final production.
So I’m totally against playing this leaked stuff.

I may check this out, but I can surely wait a few months after release, for first updates, ironing out bugs, DLCs that have become oh so popular marketing ploy these days. Fallout 3 has taught me that lesson well enough. And actual reviews by press rather than previews of drooling fanbois that have to say only good or nothing.

I found Just Cause 2 and Metro 2033 pretty neat last year
When looking at the footage of the game Shogun 2 coming up, that also looks pretty cool.
I think one needs to have patience for a good game to come up.

same goes for PS3, if you ask me. it’s not that there ain’t so many good games for PC, there ain’t so many good games, period. just take a look at the shelves in your typical games-store, and you’d be lucky to find 10% of stuff that looks worth the trouble. on top of that, most games just aren’t worth the 60+ EUR they ask for them. if they’d sell them for 40 or something, i’d be a much quicker buyer. now, i just wait for them to get onto the 2nd hand shelves and buy them with discount.

FYI, good games IMO i played this year (all PS3): Uncharted 2, Fallout New Vegas (buggy as hell, which frustrates to an enormous extent, but damn do i love Fallout), Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Portal (its older, yeah, but only played it now), Little Big Planet, GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption… and that’s about it i guess. of course i do not like shoot-em-ups, so that thins out the list a bit. Crysis looks really good. waiting for Mass Effect 2 and Portal 2 now, and Assassins Creed 3 and Fallout 4 (probably much) later.

didnt bought Just Cause game, just dont like this type , but Metro 2033 is a nice one and i bought it.

I’d rather play this:

hell yeah, this one is in my wannaplay list. damn times of 133mhz pentiums/32 meg ram and Duke Nukem ))))

Can’t understand the fuzz around Crysis2 … how does it differ from those hundreds of other shooters? Crysis 1 didn’t, having an exception of it being so demanding most people couldn’t even play it properly on lowest detail. I found one game which gives bang for a buck: Left 4 dead 2 … not only it is fun to play with friends, it also doesn’t cost much, and has dozens of free campaigns available for download.

here is the funny situation ) i say yes, L4D2 is a very nice game, i didnt played yet, but i tell this> when i bought original Crysis game it costs me aroun 10$ (it comes in a big fat carton DVD box, with booklet and stuff), when first part of L4D released in russia it costs 30$ for a shitty plastic box with 1 page paper in it. Anyway, i bought it. When L2D4 came out for this time it was around 45$ for (again!!!) shitty plastic jewel box with one page paper inside. So i didnt bought L4D2 cuz of weird russian price policy…yes, i can go and buy this on Steam, but i like PHYSICAL stuff )

Ive been watching duke trailers since 1998 hehe, hope they will relase it now. Its some curse on it.

About crysis 2, well crysis 1 was step forward. Crysis 2 is kinda step back. If you think no console could run crysis 1 back then :) and now miracle happened? I dont mind this situation, no need to buy new pc to play crysis 2. In theory it should run better then his older brother ;)