Newton 09, renoise sci-fi sound art radio theatre!


Today I release Newton 09, my retro sci-fi sound art radio production. Newton 09 is a three part 35 minute electroacoustic sound odyssey, composed largely in Renoise.

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"Newton 09 is a retro sci-fi sound art radio theatre production. Music and sound composed by Peter van Haaften, a story by Daniel Nadeau, and an accompanying graphic novel adaptation by illustrator Robin Clugston combine to create a new trans-disciplinary work, inspired by classic British broadcasting.

Presented in three acts, Newton 09 chronicles the re-emergence of a lost art after generations of silence. 300 years in the future, mental slavery has buried the memory of joyful activity. In a house, on a hill, a lonely electronic mind has been waiting to remind the world of its forgotten beat.

With live voice acting, a progressive electronic score, and original atmospherics, Newton 09 looks to make an immersive electroacoustic experience accessible to new audiences. The piece takes ideas from the past, present and future–patching them into a surreal sound odyssey for all ages."



Nice radiophonic-like intro/outro and living music!

:slight_smile: Keep going-on with your project!

Awesome project! :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening!! Here are some free download codes. :slight_smile:


You can redeem @

Incredible conceptual work! The quality and approach are beyond praise. The atmosphere resembles a Doctor Who adventure. This is both catching story, great spokesman roleplaying, and impressive music. In my opinion it is exceptional work, congrats!