Next Life / New Cd Out Now!

Man, you know Ars Dada (Erlend ) too. The world is a small place. Your tunes are really cool, an hyperractive, just the way I like.

It took a few months for me to receive my CD copy, but it was well worth the wait; excellent album, been playing it a lot lately. Took a few spins for me appreciate the more mid paced, less frantic stuff, but those ones have become among my favourite tracks.

God damn it! Thanks for getting me all excited…

Oh well, good reason to give it another spin, I guess :D

It is really nice that you find it enjoyable. Our next album will include a drummer but it will still be very based on Renoise as he plays metronomically to the tracker.

Here is a review of our 10 year anniversary last Saturday, and 2nd gig with drummer: