Next Life / New Cd Out Now!


Label: Fysisk Format
Skandinavia: VME
USA: Stickfigure
Europa: Cargo

Electronic, progressive and superviolent music from Norway (1999). This is our second album, and we tell you it’s HARDER, FASTER, and LOUDER than ever before! Helmet and sword recommended :) grab it from our homepage, or here:

[b]Platebutikken Tiger



Haha, personally I think it is much better than our previous album “Electric Violence”, better flow, more dynamic, harder and more melodic. However, whether it is actually better or not is up to listeners to decide, for myself, I always dig my latest stuff more than old stuff simply because I haven’t over-heard it…

Read a revew in english: Nö Music Media

And one in norwegian: Plan B

This is what I wanna hear. Now buying! :yeah:

this is rad.

So cool that there are people here into this kind of stuff! Mad props :)

Awesome!! I’m going to see you guys in WORM :D

Man, that is crazy-cool!!! looking forward!

I am really looking forward to your show in Bergen at Hulen the 31st! Noticed it wasn’t on that poster, but i spoted it here

Can I buy the cd from you there perhaps? I know a lot of bands like direct sales, hehe

do i smell crimson red ;] heia norge.

love your music! it is like a next step in brutal music evolution, influenced by several styles. i’ll surely visit your performance if i’ll be nearby.

great, guys!! looking forward to buying the new album, especially after seeing your show on numusic!

Next Life is definitely one of the most important Renoise-users out there. I´ve seen them live several times, and they always kicks ass. Their shows has now developed into a light/sound/motion-experience entertaining almost all of your senses. If you get the chance, go and see them!

Tried buying the album from the stores, but I can only pay with creditcard, which I don’t have. I DO have a paypal, though… is there any other way of getting my hands on it? I don’t want to wait till february, obviously… I have friends to convince to join me ;)

Where can I get tickets and how much are they? I might come to Rotterdam for this :)

Arrgh, I just got an answer that the CD cannot be bought with Paypal yet. But if you would like, you can PM me about a copy then I can Paypal-request 13 Euro + shipping cost after I send the CD. Yeah, we profit more when selling from our own stock as Ogrim implied ;) and they will be available on our gigs.

Whoa, and that’s a great compliment coming from Zixaq who I believe is the composer of the legendary amiga group, Ephidrena?!?

Anyway, you guyes kick ass, support from the Renoise forum means ALOT to us :)

For anyone who hasn’t noticed yet, or are wondering if this is worth watching live, you seriously need to go to one of Next Life’s shows! The live show on the 31st of January in Bergen was pure awesome. They (mostly Hai, cause he is jumping and falling around) had great energy on stage, and the live act is perfectly syncronized with both video and lights.

I can’t wait until the next time I am able to watch them live! :)

Really cool that you liked the show, thanks :) It was nice playing, very good venue and technicians.

We will play again in Bergen 30. May at Landmark. That is together with our labelmates Snöras (with members from Lukestar).


Whoah, I had no idea Next Life used Renoise. You guys are awesome!

Very nice cd!

Ars dada allready told me about you guys a few months ago.
And he didn’t mention you guys also use “my” program ;)

wicked sound!