Next Release Of Renoise

Please developers, what new features will be on next release?
When its coming?

Edit: No panic, just asking ;)

i’m interested in some information too …

Multi-threading feature would be pretty nice :w00t:
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4400 come to papa!

some of the new features will be decided by the users via the poll (registered users only), so we can’t really say what will be next.

And above all, we cannot say when…

about that dual cores. I’m wondering about that also.

Can anybody tell me how is the vst load handled? Is it that way that every vst in renoise is assigned to one core/CPU? If yes then is there planned dual core CPU support and how hard it will be to implement?
It would be great to be able to run twice as many vsts :lol:


PS! Taktik, feel free to comment ;)

AFAIK it doesn’t matter. even if your host application (in this case renoise) is coded for 64bit, if the offending plugin isn’t coded for 64bit or dual core or dual cpu, etc…, it wouldn’t have any sense.

for 64 bit this is ture, but for dual core i think its not. Nothing prevents from assigning different vsts to different cores except host application IMO

sorry, yes. you’re right. :)
afair cubase can assign plugins to different cores or cpus.

I just wanted to say that IMHO they shouldn’t waste time on making new DSP effects.

Not to undermine their work on effects, but there’s tons of plug-ins out there, a few tons of them are free as well…

The second thing that is not very important TO ME (but I could understand perfectly if it is to others): backward compatibility.
There should be the possibility to have old and new versions of Renoise installed at the same time…
I’m not saying that backward compatibility is not often VERY useful, BUT: if a mayor update/change brings something very good (like PDC, just to pick one B) ) I think I could live with a non-perfect backward compatibility. AFAIK even Cubase/Nuendo were not always perfect in this regard.