nexus 7 + ubuntu + renoise?

Since ubuntu runs on nexus 7 now, has anyone tried running one of the lighter-weight ubuntu distros on the nexus 7 with renoise? I know the fonts would be ridiculously small even if it did work, but I’m still curious.

(before I get the responses about trackers being unusable on tablets … i’m thinking of using the nexus 7 with a keyboard)

wont work, Renoise runs on “x86” only.

If you ask me nexus 7 plus ubuntu plus renoise equals…NEAT. Why do I say neat? You mentioned that you can use a keyboard with the nexus7 and all and in all it sounds like a nice little portable music studio. If I had to explain in a truthful manner of whether or not I have ever tried the nexus7, ubuntu, and renoise combination, i would start by saying no but you let you know that I think you may be on to something exciting. Why not give it a shot if you already own a nexus7? Renoise is about freedom, justice, and experimentation-with the emphasis on experimentation.

Let me correct myself…
seems like any cpu with sse2 is required for the linux build of renoise.

But regardless, from what i can see the A9 arm cpu in nexus 7 doesn’t support sse2.

[off topic]Interesting… “So Google subsidizes these tablets, so they are really cheap, and the savvy people reformat + linux.” Very interesting[/off topic]

That information should be changed as the ARM architecture is really different from Intel x86 (they don’t share the same opcode tables). With any CPU is meant: any x86 cpu.
Though the SSE is a good safemark here because ARM doesn’t have SSE technology. ARM likely has something similar but for that reason, you won’t be able to make Renoise work on an ARM based device.
Perhaps in the future, but i guess that would require a GUI redesign but for sure it requires a separate build next to the Mac, Linux and Window builds.