Nexus slow loading VSTI

Anyone using Nexus in Renoise and knows why it takes 20-30 seconds to see the presets? Non other VSTI behaves like that.

Here’s a capture. It actually was kinda “fast” this time.

Can’t see the video. I have Nexus 3 and it is working very fast.
In what kind of hard drive is your Nexus Content folder/installation?
It should work just fine from ssd’s. Maybe try to install it again?

Maybe there’s a way to reset its preset database?

I’m afraid there’s no way to do that. At least not on V3, but I don’t know how about V4. Have to just uninstall Nexus and install it all again.

Or if you just want to move the content library to a different hard drive, you must edit “settings.json” file. You can find that on Windows from C:/Users/Public/Public Documents/reFX/nexus/
Just open that on Notepad and there’s a “library folder” address on the 4th row. Just change the drive letter and so on. And then remember to save it.

I did have at first all my Kontakt libraries on a mechanical hard drive and it was nearly unusable. Those loading times were so long. Then I installed those to a SATA ssd and it was okay. Now I just got a new laptop just for music production and threw a fast NVME ssd to it. And what a difference! But I don’t think the same problem would be with Nexus. Those samples are quite small compared to Kontakt stuff.
But it might be the case if you have a slow mechanical drive.

On my computer, those Nexus presets loaded instantly.

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