Nexus2 reFX opinions? (Plus a poll!) && Vst's

So I finally allocated money to get a decent softsynth vst, however I came across Nexus2 on my interweb travels and it has a lot going for it, and then I look at the ungodly expensive price for the expansions. So now I’m looking for opinions.

As for the soft synths, is it still worth it to buy Sylenth1? I have other options which includes Diversion(Dmitry Sches), and U-he products(like Diva or Zebra2.) Otherwise I’ve been demoing everything up the butthole

I’ve decided to stay far far away from NI stuff. (Well maybe not Kontakt Libraries)

Be as harsh as you need to be, I may be in for a reality check but any help I can get would be awesome!

But anyways post any other alternatives that you find works.

It’s all good quality stuff, I don’t think there’s anything you listed that I would say “definitely don’t get that”. That however doesn’t mean you should. It’s a ton of money. Some people shy away from Nexus because they’re purists that want to design 100% of their sounds from complete and total scratch, but that’s a bit needlessly hardcore purist imo. At the end of the day the only things that matters are 1. The music, is it good? 2. The sounds the music is made with, do they sound good? and 3. Do you enjoy the process of making it?

Different people have different workflow styles, and concentrate their efforts on different things. You might be someone that doesn’t care at all about designing sounds from scratch, but you like picking out a palette of sounds to work with and enjoy concentrating on the composition itself. Or you might be someone that by far prefers to design all the sounds from scratch. Or somewhere in between.

I personally wouldn’t jump after Nexus immediately, there’s plenty of good free samples out there on the interwebs to get you started, and plenty of freebie synths with tons of patches. My advice would be to work with free stuff until you get a better sense of what you personally would like to buy, if anything, to enhance your workflow.

That being said Zebra 2 is totally awesome and you really can’t go wrong with it.

With nexus, you get fast and good results. Because you dont “waste” time on programming sounds, everything is done already. It give you also many different sounds, that one vst synth like sylenth cant deliver. From orchestral stuff, trance, pop to hardcore / hardstyle even with kick, clap and snare samples. Its a pretty powerful rompler with a huge library. Do you know the vengeance sample cds? Its from the same guy, who got the idea for nexus. He’s also a well known preset programmer for hardware synths.
It really depends what kind of guy you are and what kind of music you do. nexus is mainly a time saver with quality and well known sounds.
btw. i’m not owning nexus, because i’m mainly a reason user and there is no nexus support :) But i was very active in the vengeance forum back in time.
You should try it for yourself.

Actually after considering my options and with your guy’s words, I finally looked into the designing from scratch(Basically what R 3.0 is based for) and oddly enough it suits me. :mellow: Of course I have a long way to go and to understand everything that comes in with making the sounds, but it imo will pay off when I want something and I have the skills to do so. :lol:

However I found Image Line’s Harmor to best fit to me for right now(funny I never listed it.), but I did demo with Zebra many a times and most likely will purchase later as my understanding of synthesizers becomes more fluent(or when zebra3 comes around.) But Diva is on a whole other level with expression(But I want to hold off on that purchase until I really need it), at least from my instrumental background it feels like an actual instrument with vibratos especially with the Divanity preset on it! :eek:

But thank you guys for setting the bar straight B)