Ni Fm7 & Mod Wheel

how can i control the modwheel through renoise commands for NI FM7 ??
i tried the vstiautomation device thing, but it looks like the CC numbers start at 64, so i have no control for the 0-63 device… it works fine with absynth2, but with FM7 it looks like it doesn’t recognize the modwheel and the other controller stuff…

is it a vsti 2.x thing ??? if so is the support is planned ? :D

Instead of using VSTAutomateDevice you can always use MidiCCDevice.
Assign it to your FM7 instance and automate CC number 01 (It’s a default Mod Wheel CC number for most VSTi’s)
It also works fine with NI FM7 here!

a simpler solution is to send the CC command directly:
with 90 xxyy command (90 in the pan column), you can send any CC value:

90 0180 = send value 80(hex) to CC#1
this will set modwheel to the centre.

thx all ! :D