Ni Fm8 As Effect - How?

Hello everybody.

Simple quastion - How to make use of NI FM8 Fx?

Thanks in advance

go to the browser, select ‘Effects’ , choose an effect underneath ‘Name’ + RTFM ;)

Follow these steps:

i could never get it working either so thanks

WOW!!! You are the man!!! Success! just as you said it!!! Many, many thanks!

PS: where did you get the info about how to do this? The manual has no word about it, as far as I could see…

PS 2 jonas the plugexpert: that was neither funny nor informative

Have you tried it? If so, you’d see that the input would automatically be routed through the effectsection and thus you’d have noise to play with. How is that not informative? About the RTFM bit, get over it and create some music.

Yeah I use FM8 as an effect.

Line in plug, FM8 plug. Sorted. Really nice for my guitar.

And, yeah, to be honest, it isnt actually in the manual in any great depth…

Glad you got it sorted now.