Ni Fm8 Problem

I have a problem with Native Instruments FM8 1.0.1. It dont appear in the intstruments list in renoise 1.8.
In Renoise 1.52 it works perfectly and in other host-programs too (I´ve tried energyXT and Cubase).
Now I can only use it via energyXT in Renoise 1.8.

Hope you can help me.


1.01.002 works here

Ditto, haven’t noticed any problems with it. You can find out the exact versiion number of FM8 in the NI Service Center application.

… hehe … strange … but now it works.
The problem was, that I had the FM8.dll and the FM8fx.dll in a sub-directory in my vst-directory called ‘Native Instruments’ (where all my NI PlugIns are in). When I put these 2 dll’s out of this directory into the root-vst-directory it loads the FM8 into the VST-List and it works perfectly. When I put it back into the ‘Native Instruments’ directory it doesnt work. <_<

It is version 1.01.002 too.

I have noticed that the gui takes a long time to initialize compared to other vstis. The window pops up, but remains black for a good few seconds before the gui appears.

May be something to do with my shit vaio though…

Could you take a look into the “x:\Documents and Settings%username%\Application Data\Renoise%renoiseversion%/CachedFailedVsts.xml” file. Maybe FM8 it crashed once, so Renoise neglected to open it again after that. If you delete that file, Renoise will scan it again…

thanks for your support,
I deleted this file and now it works with the sub-directory too.
But I didnt realise a crash of FM8.

… problem solved :)

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