Ni Komplete Audio Crashing On Exit

Laptop is Acer 6530. OS is Windows Vista 32 bit Service Pack 2. Komplete Audio 6 hardware installed with latest driver. Connected with supplied USB cable directly to laptop USB port (not to hub). Driver selected is ASIO, pointing to the Komplete Audio interface. In the Komplete Audio control panel the buffers are set to maximum. Renoise is 2.7.2

When using Komplete Audio 6, it is crackly most of the time. CPU monitor reports generally less than 10% but audio suffers from frequent but irregular crackliness. When closing Renoise that is using the Komplete Audio interface the application crashes, and I have to power-off to shut the PC down. Renoise hangs on the ‘releasing the song’ notification. On restarting, Renoise reports that Komplete Audio had hung and audio has been disabled. On reinitializing the audio, the cycle begins again.

These problems only started happening when I got the Komplete Audio 6 interface (so I guess that’s the culprit) but I’d really like to fix what’s causing the problem as the interface should do everything I need!

If an audio driver is crashing, that is not Renoise its fault, but a problem in one of your drivers.
Have you tried updating your chipset drivers and other MoBo related drivers?
Furthermore, the quality of USB bridges used on mainboards also add to the joy or disjoy of soundcards that allow USB connections.
Komplete Audio should perhaps run top-notch, i can’t say the same about Acer laptops regarding past experiences. Add Windows Vista on top of that… Well i suppose these laptops deliver what they can for their price.