Ni Massive Vsti Crashes

Massive and Renoise Plugin Server crash when trying to assign automation in Massive Oscillators.

Renoise version is 64Bit - V2.8.0 b8 (Built: Feb 10 2012)

Steps to reproduce look like this:

  1. launch Renoise
  2. set instrument 00 to “massive”
  3. open massive interface
  4. move automation 5 (LFO) to any oscillator automation slots.

Actual results:
Renoise Plugin Server crashes. Screenshot follows. Notice the floating “5” green label that tries to be assigned to an OSC1 slot.

Any ideas/solutions?

Try searching in this forum or in the whole internet for this please. This is a known problem with some “special” versions of massive…

btw: already tried using the native 64bit plugin of massive?