Ni Reaktor Knobs Automation

Halo! i want change parameters in same knobs in reaktor effects like Filters,flangers in real time and write it to patterns. how made it?

if it is an effect you have to automate them from the DSP window at the bottom of the screen. if it an instrument you have to drop in an automation device and link it to the instrument number.

there is no way to record automation directly from the Reaktor window, you have to do it from the renoise interface. stupid i know, this is a big problem for me (you’ll recognize this if you use Kore) but nobody seems to care.

thank u!=)

right mouse-click a knob(/slider/button) in the reaktor plugin window & select ‘midi learn’, now twist a harware midi controller knob & voilá, the instrument knob is bound to your controller knob. Very simple.

edit: once bound you can record your hardware midi controller twiddling directly in Renoise. I suggest you read the manual on automation.