Nice mod VST: DLYM from Imaginando

Hi All,
You may have heard of the desktop/mobile-friendly synth DRC from Imaginando. Great sounding all-around synth plugin that also has a very robust mobile app for Android and iOS. They also have a great series on YouTube, using DRC to dial in iconic synth sounds from popular songs.

I messed around with it on Android but never purchased because the pricing never quite worked out right for me. You have to pay twice, once for mobile and again for desktop.

Well, they also released the mod section from that synth as its own plugin, DLYM, for free.

I just played with the presets and it goes a long way to add interesting dimension to standard waveforms. A worthy addition to your quiver and a nice alternative from the standard mod plugins on Renoise.

Lastly, though, I want to give a shout for their other big Android app, LK, a tactile midi controller for smartphones with a nice variety of interfaces (keyboard, drum pads, sliders, chorder). This was the best way I found to control Renoise on my Mac via Android.

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