Nice Stuff I Found Already!

Hey, just wanted say thanks for the hefty update.

The work flow is really advancing now;

I really like the way the eqs have been pimped out. The visual aspects are great and the small volume control at the end of each DSP chain really makes it easy to tweak sounds while still looking the the pattern.

It is like a Gainer has been stuck on the end of each DSP chain automatically!

I spend less time messing about in the mixer now, which is cool.

Well, like everyone else, I will work my way through this beast and get back if there are any issues. :)

Yeah, that is great, it would be even greater if it was automatable! (if that is even a word :lol:)

Agreed! I wanted to play around with an LFO on it just now, but I couldnt, so I had to stick a Gainer on the track.

That meant that I had 3 volume controls in total on the track (Pre, Post and Gainer), to achieve a simple effect. Seems a bit like over kill…

Thats the way it should work.

Add a gainer if you need to automate the end of the chain.
This was done on purpose, so you will always in an easy way have a last vol/pan adjustment without adding anything. Thats just good workflow ;)

But how would being able to automate it take away from that?

^^what he said

That post fader will still allow you to adjust the overall level of your automated signal without having to adjust the offset of your LFO.

I agree with Psyj. It seems to me that thats the way it should work.

Really, if you think that is how it ought to be, don’t touch the automation of it.

I mean, why is the gainer in the beginning of the chain automatable? That is just not right! People should stick a gain in there if they want to automate that!

Yeah, I have never automated the volume of the Pre Gain. Doing so causes issues with all the fx put after this, so for me it is not an option.

I cant really think of a time when you would want to automate this at all. I think it should be left in for anyone who needs this for whatever reason ( I would like people to tell me if they do and for what reason, out of curiosity).

I think the fader at the end should be automatable.

I don’t care about any this lfo’ing of volumefaders, but think the new stuck on post fader should be named post fader in the lill faderbox for it , so it’s more obvious that it is post ! :)

You have a point there. Now that I think of it, I think anything and everything should be automable for, like you say, whoever needs it for whatever reason.

It’s trivial to manually stick a gainer anywhere in the chain, so it makes little sense to limit the automability of that post-fader. Nobody is forced to use it, but if for some odd reason somebody wants to, why the hell not?

You’ve convinced me vadarfone. :slight_smile: