'Night Avenue' Early 80-s melodic synthwave

Hey! Here’s some 80-s vibe for you I made in Renoise!


First of all welcome to the forum and second you rock big time!!! Magical track full of nostalgia for us of that generation.

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Diggin’ this! :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s not common Synthwave, it has some funk. The combination of that funky bassline and the typical simple melodies fits well. Keep it up and keep 'em coming!

Don’t expect everybody being part of “that generation”. :wink:
Who knows how old the people behind the music are? I don’t.

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Great track & welcome!

Yes, nice stuff. I’ve been really getting into synthwave, especially done by young kids who are just discovering this sound for the first time. I’m a big fan of The Midnight – if you haven’t heard them, check 'em out.


Well, actually I grew up listening to this kind of music back in the 80s, my uncle was an amateur synth designer (we lived in soviet union) so I dabbled in arpeggiators even back then)
Here’s an actual pic of me in 1982)

Much later I discovered Scream Tracker 2 and that did it)
It’s been FastTracker2, ImpulseTracker2, JeskolaBuzz, Arguru’s Aodix and finally Renoise!

I see some similarities. Growing up in the eighties, liking Synthwave, using Trackers since the childhood, making Synthwave by oneself… :slightly_smiling_face:

Is this your very first Synthwave track? I saw that you’re also creating music in some other styles. Another similarity. But I guess you are more experienced in music, you can also read notes and play the guitar, right? You could do awesome stuff if combining both. :metal:

Yes, it’s cool. I think the Synthwave of today is even better than the original from the eighties, because it combines oldschool vibes with fresh, modern sound. I rediscovered Synthwave five years ago and started creating my own Synthwave stuff 11 months ago. It’s fun, it’s easy and always sounding good. Synthwave is cool! :+1:

No, it’s not my first Synthwave track, and yes, I do use guitar with it,
In fact I’m building my ideas in Renoise, then reconstruct them in Electribe 2 Sampler and then we perform some 80-s stuff as a street duo.

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