Nightlife Magazine - My New Website, Can You Help Me?

I’ve been working on this for several months and it was launched a few minutes ago:

It’s a CMS built from scratch using PHP5 and MySQL. I am very proud of this work, it’s pretty much the biggest thing I have ever built. Currently 261 files, roughly =~ 17649 lines of code, all me.

If you guys could check it out I would greatly appreciate it. If you find any weirdness, hook me up.


It looks like a great site–I like the mouseover effects (that gives info windows), but I don’t really know what I’m looking at since I only know how to read English. I can guess some words.


Mouseovers are done using overLIB.

Some of the content is in english, just have to click around.

I like it alot, slick style, works nice. I especially like the photo-selection, they are really great and make me want to read things. Good use of images.
A few nags from an aesthetical point of view : It’s overall abit too grey/blackish. A tiny bit of colour would be nice, especially for the wallpaper. Maybe just try to shift the whole theme abit to to the blue side (by adding like +8 (hex) to every grey/blackish colour)
Also those diagonal lines in the background (top and headlines, they have a name, right ?) are too heavy and too much of an antipole to the grey wallpaper. maybe try using thicker lines or setting those to something like 30% alpha, so that you can see the main wallpaper through.

But all in all, excellent, great page.

And about what kaneel said : by adding a “? :” infront of those pop-up boxes in the left menu everyone should realize it’s the description of that menu-option.

Thanks guys.

Just to clarify, the look was done by a graphic designer. I took photoshop files and translated them into XHTML/CSS. The content comes from the Montreal magazine I currently work at. It’s fed into a CMS that isn’t available to the public, built by me.

The suggestions are appreciated, but from an aesthetics/content stand point, I don’t have much influence. I’ll forward the thread if enough feedback is provided.

On the other hand, if you see any bugs from a programming standpoint, I can personally get on that.

Again, thanks!

Site looks very nice i think, simple but effective. The fall back mode with Javascript turned off seems to work fine too. Great job on implemnting it, guess i don’t have the patience to ever finish mine, so i’m switching to a coded one instead.

I’m one of these, at least for menus. :)