Nin - Only (Roquette Science Remix)

This is kind of a re-release because I threw a half finished version of that song out a couple of months (years even) back, but now I laid the final touches to it and decided to make it available for the public. Though I am not sure anyone cares about it anymore :P

Though I am not fully sure about the mixing+mastering yet. Thanx for listening.

I quite liked it. Have to admit to never being a huge NIN fan although I’ve enjoyed it when friends have put it on I never got to know the music well. just quickly played the orignal on Youtube to see how much you had changed it and is a nice rework in my opinion.

Reminds me quite a lot of Lunatic Calm (totally underrated, nobody ever seems to know who they are) or stuff from the Spawn soundtrack (is one particular remix from a single vinyl release I’m trying to remember but can’t, having a look quite like a version of the Crystal Method track…)

Anyway keep it up, I enjoyed :)

I actually haven’t heard the original, (sorry, NIN fans)…

Intro was good.
I like the beat at .16, but the clap sound stood out a tiny bit.
Guitar entrance was really good.
1.05 was sick, (in the good way)
1.55 Oh Trent…
I didn’t get the vocal+accomp thing at 2.59, but maybe that’s Trent’s fault, but the exit from it to the next part was good.
The squeaky thing at 3.17 seemed kinda weird to me, but heh, I’m not you.
4.28 on out sounded really good to me.
I actually wanted this song to keep going on for longer, it didn’t seem like it was really 5 minutes long

Yeah, the vocals are abit shaky, but that is Trents fault :) About the clap: Yeah, I agree, I have some problem making my claps/snares go properly “thump”, I have to work on that. But thanks alot for the comment about you wishing that the song would go on longer, I am so happy when I am not boring my listeners. :D

Nice one :)