Nin Remix


i am working on a NIN remix… renoise 2.0 has allowed me a bit of a different approach to several things, and i have fallen in love with the lofimat plugin.
this one is about 75% done, and ofcourse, no mixing is applied yet - so excuse the muddled sound. besides that, all feedback and ideas on how to “round it off” is welcome!

nin-ghosts 32-xerxesremix


Nice mood man!
Your LoFi mat addiction its ok, maybe a gentle distortion to add harmonics and phaser just to avoid crispy sound.

will be done during mixing :)

Great stuff, 32 is certainly one of my favourites from Ghosts and I really like the more elaborate emotional journey that this take you on. Oddly enough given that the original is instrumental, I think vocals would round this out, especially towards the end. Not in the forefront or with lyrics, but subtly expanding on the movements you’ve already got in place.

really excellent idea! i will definitly try to work that in… i’m thinking female vocals, subtle ones. yes?

Whatever you think works. You’ve got the choral stuff in play already and I could easily hear a voice moving in and out of that with more melodic variety. Now that I’ve listened to it again on headphones I also like how the guitar feels submerged and spread out in the mix, never really noticed it at first.

Lofimat will rule the world

This really did my head in! Totally bizzare hear xerxes slow chill style mixed with reznor-ish note construction. It’s a bit like Vangellis covering an Aphex Twin song, if you get what I mean ;)

Well done.