Nine Inch Nails Fans Check This Out!

Wow. Haven’t even listened to the tracks yet. WOW!! I usually despise flash, but this amazes me.

I don’t get it.

Is it wow cuz it’s cheap? I ddn’t really find anything special on the page… and page nr. 2 3 and 4 won’t show.

Am I missing any software here?

Or maybe it’s just about us norwegians missing out on the content?

Nei, berre klikk på ramma i botnen.


Clicking the bottom border brings out what is special about it. Or at least it did earlier today. Now it seems to be gone. Maybe you can only view it once.

Celsius, where did you find this? It doesn’t seem referred yet over at The Spiral…

I can’t get anything other than the first page.

Well it seems to be gone now, but initially there was a link in the lower right bottom (“all the pigs, all lined up”) which was flashing and twitching… clicking on that made the whole website “fall apart” and lead to a list with two remixes and a blair witch style “they’re coming after me I don’t have much time oh shit here they are” video.

It’s fake. It has nothing to do with the ARG, or future ARG.

not fake, but a page and two nin-remixes made by celsius himself ;)

celsius I really like your style.
great visual performance, but better yet, your violentheart rmx… great work!