Ninjameininki - Kung-funk (funk/hip-hop/downtempo)

Today we released our group’s first album! It’s a digital album download consisting of 18 tracks. Check out our video, a free download and MySpace streams from the links at our website and if you like it and have a PayPal account, buy the album! :) We sell this thing for 5 eur. T-shirts and CD/vinyl release should be available within the next few weeks.

Ninjameininki - Varo ninjaa music video

Naturally, there’s also a Facebook group :P

And yes, it’s made with Renoise.

Congratulations dude!! :D Can’t wait for the CD!!

Not a fan of finnish hiphop but the video is cool :)

Beat is quite addictive and sounds great. I was missing fatter mix of the beat tho.
Flow of rappers is good but still as it’s problem for most finnish rappers, it’s a bit stiff / monophonic.
Better than average anyways. ;)

haha, awesome!
big fan of the ninja humour, and the tune sounds good. if you promote this one properly i guess it could (and should) get quite popular in Finland. good luck

congrats on making this happen !! … cant give to much feedback as i don’t speak the language but the music and video feel oh so good.

Hip hop is not especially popular in Finland at the moment. Could have been popular back in 2000.

I disagree. There are more hophop-festivals and happenings in Finland than ever before.

Killer album, captain! It’s funny to listen to hiphop in a language you don’t even understand just a tiny bit, doesn’t take any toll on the flow though. Perhaps your most funky work to date! Congratulations!!!

I know it’s not quite the right thread but just trying to listen through some of the masses of music I’ve downloaded off here over time (about 3.5GB unsorted) and got to your Get Caught album, really enjoying it for a bit of morning work music and wanted to say thank you. Good stuff mate :)