Ninjatune - Skalpel Remix Compo

got my short remix for the ninjatune compo finished, Short version, as I’m still working on it. Let me know how it sounds on yer speakers ok? I’m redoing my room , taken out the carpet and wallpaper and so the acoustics are messed up, like recording in a tin can.

Skalpel - ’ break in’ (plugexpert short remix) can be found here:

check the 4th lill black box (download section) ,trackname -> skalpel


top of the page, 2 versions , identical…one is just recorded a lill harder.


Richard Jonas

holy 'ish ! 64 views ,and no comments it must be crap! :)

ah come on fellah’s ,it isn’t that bad now is it?
btw I know I suck myself at commenting on peoples tracks. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s because I bloody can’t. Don’t have an internet connection anymore at my house, and the internet cafe I visit hasn’t got soundcards in their crappy pc’s. :( sob sob

well, errrr, nice homepage but your built-in mediapalyer doesn´t give sound here…perhaps your server is to slow? So that loading takes hours?

What about some direct link instead?


your server is really slow ;)

But however… It’s a very strange breakbeat tune…At the beginning I thought It`ll drive me into acid jazz…the only thing Iám missing here is a subbass virbrating the floor while you are hitting the drum like a derwish later on.

Smart using those analogue drums.

Kind of experimental sound mixed with laidback strings an bass.
The dnb-break-action in the middle of the track is between hectical (3:50) and great (4:10).
The treble is far to high in some parts of the track when a certain sound appears (e.g. 4:48), that hurts the ears, maybe you could cut that high frequence.
Apart from that a really nice collage.

5 out of 10.


cheers for the listens :) it got through to the final 10 out of the 100 submissions.


Congrats mate, good going!

hey jonas, the tune is good 8/10
:guitar: :drummer: :guitar: