Nintendo Ds Lite audio specs

Can anybody find out what the audio specs for the ds lite are?Ive looked everywhere for them and im pissed off looking. :ph34r:/>

What are you specifically looking for? gbatek may help?

Bits and frequency range,im assuming its 8 bit,but wud like to know for sure.In particular i want to compare it with the oldschool amiga audio specs. />

you can run the korg m1 on the ds lite , and it sounds rather good …soI don’t think it’s 8 bit /

I’m not sure if the Lite shares the same audio chip as the ordinary DS.
When searching for developer specifications one forum turns up this info:

Anybody know for definite its bits and audio range?If its not 8 bit it must be 12 bit,its got that lovely crispy lo-fi sound to it!

The wiki page i linked before says 10 bits, 32Khz (under the miscelaneous section)

“The ARM 7 CPU does audio processing, control input and wireless communications. It can process 16 “voices” at once, with support for ADPCM, 8-bit and 16-bit PCM. Streamed audio, through either PCM or audio codecs are possible. Virtual surround is also possible with certain games.”


Cheers for that,i should say that the ds has the lovely crispy lo-fi sound,i just bout a ds lite to use with nitrotracker,havnt tested it yet,reason im asking is,im wondering if the ds lite is a cheaper alternative to buying an oldschool amiga for lo-fi crispy sampling goodness,the ds certainly is,just want to check the ds lite now.

stereo / 16bit / 32.768kHz (taken from gbatek)

Thanks for all the replies! :ph34r:/>

gbatek says:
“The sampling frequency of the mixer is 1.04876 MHz with an amplitude resolution of 24 bits, but the sampling frequency after mixing with PWM modulation is 32.768 kHz with an amplitude resolution of 10 bits.”
So you can use up to 24 bits samples, but it will be downgraded to 32Khz and 10 bits.

THANK YOU for clearing that up,haha tbh i was still confused but didnt want to annoy anyone haha,10 bits 32 khz it is!Thanks dudes :ph34r:/>

These pages on might help: