evening gargons (!) :ph34r:

ok… don’t take this tune too seriously… it’s basically just intended as a fun b-side/bonus for one of the EPs/projects i’m working on. and typically, the silly one got finished first… ^_^

are you feelin it?

mp3 here:
Priq - Nitrogeniq

(voc samples used with permission btw)

It’s not so much the way you reviewed, although some of the “Don’t post if it’s a WIP/unmastered” were a bit harsh and unneeded, but more the way you happily and easily descended into petty quarrelling in a thread that should have been used for feedback on the user work.

Nothing wrong with even a “I don’t like it” or “It’s just sounds messy and unfinished” responses. Honest feedback is good. But don’t tell somebody not to post something when all they want is some feedback. I’m pretty sure most of them know it’s not in a state to really call a final piece but often it will either have got to a point where they are fairly happy, ready to move onto something new and want to know people’s opinion (even though they know it needs some polishing in the future) or they honestly don’t know what they need to do from the point they are at.

Both objective and subjective comments are fine, although objective usually the more helpful. Don’t stop posting because of the way you think people think of you but do please think about how you sometimes come across.

Sorry for the off topic post Denim.

Why did you even comment if it’s only to say this?
[/off topic]

About the song, right off the bat I really dig that weirdo/creepy feel, I had a “the tuss feeling”

Then the cheesy drums come in… I’m having a hard time with this kind of beat, I’d like to hear something more acid… a bit more complex breaky beats.

The bass: cool, fits the theme.

Vocals: LOVE IT!

Weirdo chip synth: works very well with the track, it kinda justifies the cheesy drums… I like the drums better with this synth over it… Did you think of keeping this drum for this part but having maybe a more complex breaky (without being too hardcore) beat for the intro? I think it could be fun.

Nice structure overall… fun try… I did not particularly enjoy the slow down at the end… personal opinion/taste here…

Cool track… I think your strengths are the way you worked on the vocals and that chip synth… I’d work a bit more on the drums.

I’m a fan of the genre/feel you got in this track.




anywho - thanks for listening ^_^

and yes, constructive feedback should be the essence in a song forum like this,
we can all agree on that.

thanks JBL. and oh, yes I think you’re on to something there regarding the intro beats, interesting suggestion. i’ll take it for a spin. i also notice som artifacts/crackles in the mix i have to look into + some bass range adjustments.

peace out

Very fun track, sir :D

Kickass! :guitar: :yeah: :walkman: :drummer:

Kind of a disco feel to this :P

thanks youz folks!

haha, you think? hm yeah, maybe there’s a bit of disco-tech goin’ on there ^_^