No audio output in Manjaro Linux

This is my first time installing Renoise and after hours of experimenting and research i just can’t get any sound to be output.

I couldn’t get it working with bare ALSA, so i installed QjackCTL and started that server and selected jack as the output device, to no avail. I followed the instructions to install and run Qjack properly, but i don’t feel confident that it’s actually installed correctly.

Through all my experiments, i kept a demo song playing, and Renoise displays (what i assume is) the output audio on the graph as normal, so it seems that my audio is working fine from Renoise’s perspective.

Does anyone have any tips for diagnosing this issue? I would settle for getting this to work with either ALSA or jack for now, even if it’s high latency… I just want output.


How does your jack setup looks like? I always chose duplex (since I use an usb mic, but people often advise against it) and then I chose whatever output I need, sometimes the main sound card or HDMI output)

My audio was already set to duplex. The output device was set to default, so i opened the list and realised i didn’t know which device was the one i was looking for, so i plugged my headphones into my monitor and tested sound with every single output device, but got nothing.

I fixed it by using ALSA instead of Qjack AND using a different output driver. Not sure what was wrong with the original port i was using, but it didn’t work at all… but i still can’t get Qjack working at all. That’ll be a problem for another day.

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