No Buttons In Renoise2!?

Third Thread on front page! You just got to love it! :)

Anyway, to the point. A minor design change maybe?
You guys removed all the borders from the buttons and it just looks so hollow (it looks like shit. to be really honest) :smashed:
Let me give you a nice little picture illustrating a “re-designed buttons interface” (instead of just floating arrows that dont move when you click them and makes you wonder if you did in the first place)

edit: both sides in this picture are from Renoise2 RC1, i just added borders.

Just look at it. Isn’t that looking SO much better?? It really does.
And that awesome invert effect when you click a button (+1% in CPU btw ;)

But honestly. Put some borders around the buttons, it just looks so much more appealing.
I bet it would take you guys like… uh, 30 minutes to do this? Hell, let me do it for you.

…or atleast make it optional please?

It is perfect as it is now, more stylish. Anyway I don’t see diference between the capture in 1.9 and 2.0. It’s the same, it just have another look. Having borders will make no diference and it’s not an expensive “effect”. Actually, I doubt if it is an effect. Try to adapt to the new look. Don’t be like an old man.-

this has been redesigned in order to save space on screen

Looking at his sketch… It doesn’t look like it’s saving any space. :)

But in my opinion, totally my personal opinion, I like the bordered buttons better. But I don’t care much if they are one way or other. They could hilight atleast a little bit when clicking though.

What 1.9 capture? where?
Please do note that both sides in the picture i uploaded is from Renoise2 RC1. i just added borders/dividers for the buttons.

Putting borders around the buttons (like i did) wont make them bigger.
They will just divide the buttons and make them more “HERE ARE TWO BUTTONS” instead of “ONE BUTTON WITH TWO ARROWS”.

“cool futuristic design” should never be chosen above “clean cut/right to the point design”.
Buttons should be clearly outlined.

This :rolleyes:

Oh yes. I thought the happy one was from 1.9.

In that case my definite +5 goes to the design with the happy face. :)

Do we need buttons at all? I use the sliders.

I think we should redesign the whole interface for the next release candidate. Who cares about bugs anyway?

You’re a funny man, comparing bugs to drawing a line the size of 14 pixels :lol:

Why thank you :)

You use the sliders on the buttons that dont have them? Like BPM, LPB and the likes…?
It’s true though, some of the DSP effects dont need buttons, but as long as they are there they should atleast be outlined IMO and for the sake of the New users.

I simply wont do anything now that I don’t have to do. We are releasing the final version very soon. Every line of code that gets changed can introduce a bug, even when its just about drawing some lines.

Its simply to late to start this discussion for Renoise 2.0.


Actually, buttons can be deleted, well, almost all of them (exceot the close window). The boxes that have buttons to increase/decrease (like bpm, speed, and so on), can be “buttonless”. You can click the box, rise or low the mouse, and whala!!! you have an implicit slider.

I only care on the pattern work space. The rest is not so important. You get used to a way of work. Avobe that, buttons there, or here, or sliders for write a filename, or whatever, is irrelevant to me. I only want an XY controller (sorry for the spam, haha).

Hehe, yeah, you can always disable the top and bottom displays. :)

i honestly didn’t see it till just now cuz i sit back away from the screen. i like it, it looks clean & futuristic.

sometimes detail can make things look like it belongs in a kids videogame, one that is like candy that really makes serious people shy away from the gauty interface.

the renoise interface, i would expect on a starship that for milliniums had used a form of LCARS or Borg/LCARS mix, now being used on every starship, with everyone on these starships using it. :)

just as long we users have the possiblity to turn off the 3d effects …everything is aO./h/K…with me …
the flatter the better

i like flat A lot! the current alpha blended is good but imagine renoise 3.0 like this:

pimpin… :)

renoise 3.0 = 2077

If renoise 1.0 was released on 2002 and Renoise 2.0 released on 2008, then 3.0 comes in 2014 :)

In 2077 I’ll be 100 years old …that’s why ;)
God I’m crazy